What do we mean by “Moving | as One”?

Like flocks of birds and schools of fish, horse herds move in a highly coordinated, rhythmic and balanced manner. They move as if they were one entity. This behavior they do instinctively- for survival.

The ultimate “connection” with a horse requires the person to learn to move in a similar rhythmic and balanced manner that is in harmony with their needs, values and concerns. Your awareness of energy level, body position, eye movement and breath are crucial.


The horse counts on you to be part of the whole herd, even if that herd is just the two of you. You become more than a leader - you become a Mentor, Teacher and Sentry all rolled into one.

The horse will help guide you to this new evolution of thinking with many paradigm shifts to a transformational experience that you will "feel" and keep with you forever. The intent behind your efforts to Move as One with the horse is immediately recognized as authentic.


Embrace | Change

Guiding you toward a transformational experience through collaboration with the horse. Learn and understand your role in this process.


Horses naturally mirror your emotions, energy and physical movement.  If this is understood, you can get instant feedback to stay engaged and keep rapport.

From the | Inside-Out

Reach a | Higher Level

Become a part of this new evolution in thinking. Explore how your own self-awareness affects your relationship and success with horses.


Moving | as One  is about YOU.

Horses are amazing creatures.


Their physical and mental make-up differs from yours in many ways.  Their unique needs make up a world view that is unlike your own.  


They are talking to you all the time, so it is up to you to learn their language and world view in order to respond and have success.

Moving | as One will guide you towards a transformational experience, and advance your knowledge and confidence with all horses.

You possess the power to embrace change from the inside-out, and reach a higher level with your horse.


If you value growth, partnering with the horse is a great way to start.

We hope you will join us for this opportunity to expand your understanding of the horse and yourself, at a safe outdoor facility for an experience of a lifetime.


Presentations are held at BentWire Ranch in Bend, Oregon, online, and at your event.

Horse Speak


Moving | as One

go hand-in-hand.

To understand the horse, their language, and their world view you must look at the horse as a whole. This is why we have developed the Equine Mandala.

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