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Learning how a horse sees the world helps us to understand why horses behave the way they do.


This, along with a steady awareness of yourself, encourages long term trust and connection with the horse based on clarity, intent, and acknowledgement.


The presentations come alive when we begin working with horses. Using Horse Speak®  , their language, you will see them become engaged in a whole new way.


Experience the thrill of having a horse speak to you and understanding what they are saying.

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Linking your own values, emotions and world-view to those of the horse, opens you up to a transformational experience you will never forget.


We hope you will join us for this opportunity to expand your understanding of the horse and yourself, at a safe outdoor facility for an experience of a lifetime. 

Horse Speak


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go hand-in-hand.

To understand the horse, their language, and their world view you must look at the horse as a whole. This is why we have developed the Equine Mandala.

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