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Learning how a horse sees the world helps us to understand why horses behave the way they do.


This, along with a steady awareness of yourself, encourages long term trust and connection with the horse based on clarity, intent, and acknowledgement.

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The classroom study comes alive when we begin working with horses. By using Horse Speak®, understanding their world view and how their central nervous system works, you will see them become engaged in a whole new way.


Experience the thrill of having a horse speak to you and understanding what they are saying.

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Linking your own values, emotions and world-view to those of the horse, opens you up to an

unforgettable transformational experience.

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We hope you will join us for this opportunity to expand your understanding of the horse and yourself, at a safe outdoor facility for an experience of a lifetime. 

What's covered in all of our sessions

The interlocking concepts found in the Equine Mandala

govern all our instruction.


Horse Speak®

Your session can be customized to focus on Horse Speak®

  • ​Learning their language

  • Postures, gestures and signals

  • Core energy, bubbles and boundaries

  • "IINN"- Initiation, Introduction, Negotiation, Navigation


  • Autonomic Nervous System

  • Neurochemicals

  • Central Nervous System including the Brain

Equine Ethology

  • Horse Behavior in the Wild

  • World View base on their sensory perception

  • Emotions and Culture

  • What horses value


  • Pressure and Release

  • Natural Horsemanship


We offer 5 types of learning experiences.

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