Mandala Games


Lectures and demonstrations can be great learning experiences, but most people learn best by actually doing.

We have developed a series of games for our students to practice while they begin to ingrain the information they’ve learned- and have fun while doing it.

It’s a giant leap from knowing something with your head and beginning to “feel” it with your body.

The hard part for most students is to “get out of their own brain” and “be in the moment”. These sound like platitudes, but this is exactly where your horse is all the time. Once you know the basics, the best way to begin to feel it is to start a specific task- get out and get the job done.

Our games offer a series of tasks designed to reinforce what you’ve learned about the interconnectedness of the four quadrants of the Equine Mandala. Some of the games are done on our flat arena and some on the hilly BWR Trail Course.

Come and join us for some fun and “games”.

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