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The Moving as | One- Learning Program

Everyone's needs and schedules are different. Our program offers the following learning experiences to help you find one that works for you.


This is how it works:

1. Go into our site and watch and read whatever you want.       MAO Blogs      

2. If you want a more advanced learning experience:

  • Everybody starts at the same level.

  • Before moving forward, everybody must take the 1 1/2 presentation. If you are local (Central Oregon) I can come to you.

  • (If you cannot access to a computer for the Zoom presentation, you can schedule a presentation session with Lucinda. in your area.

3. Free 30-minute consultation on Zoom or FaceTime with Lucinda at any time.

What's covered in all of our programs in general. We can customized a session to fit your needs.

In general we cover interlocking concepts found in the Equine Mandala govern all our instruction.

We help you build connection through the Equine Mandala Games.

Look at what group you fall into to have a presentation customized for you. YOU.


Horse Speak®Sessions can be designed to concentrate on Horse Speak at your request.

  • ​Learning their language

  • Postures, gestures and signals

  • Core energy, bubbles and boundaries

  • "IINN"- Initiation, Introduction, Negotiation, Navigation


  • Autonomic Nervous System

  • Neurochemicals

  • Central Nervous System including the Brain

Equine Ethology

  • Horse Behavior in the Wild

  • World View base on their sensory perception

  • Emotions and Culture

  • What horses value


  • Pressure and Release

  • Natural Horsemanship

All of our current learning experiences delve into the Equine Mandala™, its separate parts and how they fit together to give you never-before-possible insights into your horse and yourself.

Horse Speak 1

Online Presentation- Coming Soon

Zoom or FaceTime Session-

  • One-on-One with Lucinda to discuss issues or problems you're having with your horse. Upload a video in Zoom to share for discussion. In FaceTime, you can go to your horse to show any issues you are having.

  • Prerequisite: Watch Main Video

  • $75 per Hour

One-on-One Single Session-

  • At our place or yours.

  • $75 per hour ( Most sessions are 1 1/2 hours)

Series of 6 Sessions at BentWire Ranch-

  • For those interested in learning more, purchase a series of sessions. Each one-on-one session is 1 1/2 hour long. 

  •  $510.00  ( 25% discount.)

Hosting a Clinic-Please contact us for custom pricing-

  • Lucinda will come to your facility and give a program to you and your group. 

  • Friday evening - 2 hour presentation with Q & A after

  • Saturday 9:00-12:30, Lunch, 1:30-4:30 

  • Sunday 9:00-12:30          

  • $250 per person- 6 person minimum, 10 maximum

*One-on-One: At your request, Lucinda will stay an extra day for a session billed at normal rate.

Contact For Pricing

Then enter your amount below.

Please Note:

  • Travel time for events and classes held elsewhere is billed at $50 per hour.  Expenses (airfare, fuel, hotel, meals, etc.) billed separately.

  • If you want or need more, extra time requested by the student is charged at $75 per hour ($17.50 per quarter hour increment).

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