"What is your story?"

This is the question that must be asked first.

You are unique in your experiences, perceptions, values and desires.  


The horse already knows it's own language, values and world view.  To communicate clearly with them, you need to learn what those are.

Horses naturally mirror our emotions, energy and physical movement. When this is understood, you get instant feedback and engagement.

Are you willing to take that first step? Are you ready to embrace change, from the inside-out, and reach a higher level with your horse?

If so, then these presentations are for you.

Current and Prospective Horse Owners

You will be introduced to a new evolution in thinking with the horse.  These classes are effective in everyday real life experiences.


Forming a deeper connection and communication with the horse will increase safety and enhance your equine experiences.

Therapists and Coaches interested in handling horses for Equine Facilitating.

People who just love horses!

We agree that horses are fascinating, and being with them is good for the soul.  Moving | as One classes will increase your awareness of the horse's language and World View.


Moving | as One  is about YOU.

If you are looking for a transformational experience you have found the right place.  Moving | as One is a new evolution in thinking when it comes to how we connect to horses.

 Whether you are an experienced horse owner, or someone that has the desire to just be around horses, these relationships can be formed and enhanced with knowledge. 


Go to classes now.

This is not a new training technique*

Moving | as One provides science and knowledge based presentations, and can be used in everyday real life experiences.  It teaches a holistic approach to a deeper connection between horses and people.

What you learn from these presentations can be used in any discipline, including cutting, trailriding, dressage, and more...


"Lucinda's program is a perfect blend of science and practical knowledge.  I have been riding horses my whole life and my relationship with my horse has never been better from this program.  I can not recommend it enough!"

-Teresa M., Bend OR

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