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"What is your story?"

You are unique in your experiences, perceptions, values and desires.

What are your goals in life, and how do you plan to achieve them?

What are your goals with your horse, and how do you plan to keep them calm and learning?


Moving | as One has a series of programs that will help you achieve your goals with your horse.

These programs are designed to help you understand WHY horses behave as they do.

We also have a series of Equine Mandala Games designed to help you "feel" the connection.

Remember, horses already know their own language, their world view and what they value. 

To communicate clearly and effectively with them, you need to learn what those are.

Horses naturally mirror your emotions, energy and physical movement.

When you are clear on your intentions, you get instant feedback and engagement.

Are you willing to take that first step?

Are you ready to embrace a higher level with your horse?

If so, then this program is for you.

What is it you need to feel safe?

Find out what you can do everyday to feel safe with your horse. Find out how you can guide your horse to understand your boundaries.  

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Would you like your horse to do exactly what you are asking?

The Moving as One technique will guide you through a series of tasks that will enable you to communicate to your horse exactly what it is you want from them. Forming a deeper connection and communication with the horse will increase safety and enhance the equine experiences.

Who is this program for?


Whether you are a horse owner or not. Maybe

you have always wanted to hang out with horses.

Our program /presentations can be customized for your interest. 


We offer a gentle and safe introduction into the world of "Horse" for anyone. We agree that horses are fascinating, and being with them is good for the soul.  Moving | as One programs will increase your awareness of the horse's language and World View.


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Moving | as One  is about YOU.

If you are looking for a transformational experience

you have found the right place.  Moving | as One is an evolution in thinking when it comes to how

we connect to horses- and each other.

 Whether you are an experienced horse owner, or someone that has the desire to just be around horses, these relationships can be formed and enhanced with knowledge. 


Go to "Program" now

"Lucinda's program is a perfect blend of science and practical knowledge.  I have been riding horses my whole life and my relationship with my horse has never been better from this program.  I can not recommend it enough!"

-Teresa M., Bend OR

"I’ve been meaning to txt to thank you for the awesome clinic and to let you know how great it was meeting you

and seeing your beautiful place!

I really loved your property and how

Committed you are to your animals!❤️

I can’t wait to come up again and take more clinics with you, you are an amazing and fun teacher!

I really appreciate you and all the info you shared with us !

I will see you very soon!"

-Gio, SanDiego

This is not a new training technique*

Moving | as One provides science and evidence-based classes, and can be used in everyday real-life experiences. It teaches a holistic approach to a deeper connection between horses and people.

What you learn from these classes can be used in any discipline, including cutting, trial riding, dressage, and more.....

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