CEO • Business Entrepreneur • Researcher • Artist • Horsewoman • Teacher - Lucinda B.

Lucinda learned about horses from her father, Jack, who was an avid, lifelong rider. He taught his daughter both kindness and a profound empathy with all animals. 


She learned classical hunter jumper and hunt seat at Flintridge Riding Academy starting at age 5.

After raising a family and running several businesses, she bought a horse and spent 10 years doing "Natural Horsemanship" clinics with a wide range of well-known instructors. Despite her successes, she was sure there was something missing that no one had addressed.


This led her to begin studying Equine Ethology, Neurology and Horse Speak® to help her develop the Equine Mandala and her teaching program.

She now teaches at BentWire Ranch in Bend, OR.


After extensive training with renowned author

Sharon Wilsie of Horse Speak®, Lucinda is now a Horse Speak® Specialist.

She is the only one currently teaching on the West Coast of the US (as of 5/2021).


Horse Speak® is the language system we use to listen, and respond, to the horse in all our programs. It is a new way to communicate directly with the horse. It is not a new training technique, and does not replace your current training style.